Update 60.0.1

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Vecna Unleashed Pre-Purchase
Release Information
Released on July 28, 2023

News and Notes:

  • We've corrected an issue that caused some pipe entities to not be able to be properly traversed.
  • The quest "Just Business" now has its proper floor again.
  • The Heroic Wererat permanent hireling Darling now has its proper skill levels for a level 18 permanent hireling.
  • Both the Heroic and Legendary versions of the Wererat permanent hireling Darling now have their proper five minute summoning cooldown.
  • The map note blinking icon from Baudry to the Wayward Lobster now properly activates.
  • The "info" portion of the Gilded Warforged Owl pet description no longer calls it a Raven.
    • Known Issue: The Gilded Warforged Owl tricks still describe it as a raven.