Update 53.1

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Hunter and Hunted
Release Information
Released on April 6, 2022

News and Notes


  • Abyssal Shroud in Warlock now has visual effects
  • A variety of Alchemist class tree toggles now remember their states better


  • Cannith Crafting now allows you to craft the Impact suffix


  • Corrected an issue that caused a bard's Spellsong Vigor to drop sometimes when teleporting
  • Feydark Illusionist's Displacement now stacks correctly
  • Shifter's True Hunter no longer claims to give petrification immunity, and properly gives Freedom of Movement
  • Shifter's Shifts and Fiendish Arpeggio may now be used while moving
  • Second Claw in Razorclaw Shifter no longer mentions Offhand Doublestrike
  • Walker's Guidance in Horizon Walker now gives its listed bonuses to saving throws versus traps
  • Wood Elf's bonuses to Falchion damage now correctly grants +2 damage at ranks 1 and 3
  • Lightning Strikes the Mountain no longer costs double its spell points
  • Enduring Beast in Nature's Protector now grants its listed Strength bonus
  • Bard Warchanter's Spinning Ice no longer has an extra "your" in its tooltip
  • Embed Component no longer mentions Tree Form since that ability no longer exists
  • Storm's Eye in Frenzied Berserker now increases flat damage by 1 per stack instead of just melee damage
  • Great White Wolf in Nature's Warrior now provides its listed Spell Power

Epic Destinies

  • The Shadowdancer Epic Strike improvements are now de-coupled from one another, allowing you to mix and match Tier 3 and Tier 4 benefits
  • Weathering the Elements now grants its correct 25 protection per caster level
  • Divine Crusader's Divine Smite now heals more reliably
  • Draconic Reinvigoration is now better at regenerating all Action Boosts
  • Primal Avatar's Thunder Snow slow effect no longer works on bosses
  • Corrected some typos in the Destiny Mantle for Fury of the Wild
  • Lunar Imbuement now correctly grants Negative Spell Power for Gloomlance instead of Cold Spell Power
  • The following Epic Destiny Tier 5 abilities now cost 1 Action Point: Blessed Blades, Bring Down Wrath, Imposing Force, Just a Taste, Ruin Intensified, and Spread Your Wings
  • Shadowdancer's Dimension Door no longer needs to be cast while targeting yourself
  • Shiradi's Prism, Stay Good, and Stay Frosty now have a 5% chance of proccing their damage on spellcast
  • Shiradi's Prism, Stay Good, and Stay Frosty's damage effects now scale with 50% Spell Power for casters
  • Shiradi Champion's Pin now lasts its listed 12 seconds
  • Unyielding Sentinel's Resurrection SLA no longer shares a cooldown with the spell
  • Legendary Fury of Blows now tells you what it does correctly, it is a Guardbreaking effect, not a Knockdown
  • Knight's Transformation now looks correct when viewing it from a different character (aka - on another client)


  • The Veil the Elements feat that hides your elemental wild shape visuals now works on other players' game clients


  • Items that grant a Reaper bonus now stack with each other
  • Reaper bonuses on rings now stack correctly
  • Removed erroneous text related to caster level from several legacy Slowburst effects
  • Healing Amplification Augments now have their correct typing in their tooltips
  • Greensteel regeneration should no longer fall off when transitioning between zones
  • Steelstar's coffees now work while moving
  • Bucklers with erroneous ASF now have their ASF set to zero
  • The Maximum Dexterity Bonus of the Hide of the Hunter has been set to appropriate values
  • Stalwart and Sacred Defense stances should now persist throughout log out and log in
  • New copies of the Heroic-level Accessories from the Chronoscope now have Augment slots
  • The Greater Dragonmark of Passage can now take you to the Gatekeepers' Grove and the Lower Necropolis option now actually takes you to where it says it does
  • The Legendary Wolf Whistle's summoned monster now respects summoned monster limits
  • The Heroic Otto's Stone of Experience no longer mentions the old Epic Destiny system
  • Several robes now have their correct non-invisible icons
  • Grym's Bone Bracers no longer drop with Trinket mythic bonuses
  • Legendary Stone Prison no longer works in reverse
  • Legendary Jidz'taka no longer loses buffs upon death
  • Spell Penetration Augments have been adjusted upwards to match the scaling of named and random loot
  • The Menectarun Scavenger set bonus now provides its listed Physical Resistance Rating
  • Tomes of Fate now have accurate tooltips to reflect what a Fate Point represent
  • Demon Scale Armor (Heroic) is now part of its set
  • New copies of the Legendary Deathwarden and Skulled Ring now have a higher Exceptional Spell Power
  • Reaper Crafting recipes for Gloves and Goggles have been adjusted to allow for the 5 reaper fragment turn-in


  • Corrected an issue where slaads would be able to be hit for zero damage while in an entrance state
  • Several Champion Damage Over Time effects now have internal cooldowns to prevent spam deaths, and several are now set to remove all stacks instead of one at a time


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Artificers to sometimes randomly dismount

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Hunt or Be Hunted - Chogrum, Herald of the Hunt, will now only speak to one person at a time
  • Hunt or Be Hunted - The Master of the Hunt's Force damage strike is now less likely to occur than the other damage types
  • Monsters in the Sands of Menechtarun no longer drop empty loot bags
  • Several quests in The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh can now be shared
  • Fixed a typo in The Hound of Xoriat
  • Corrected a typo in Caught in the Web
  • Too Hot to Handle
    • Fixed an issue with summoned monsters that caused flame barriers to not open at the correct time
    • Barriers should also now open more quickly than before
    • Corrected a visual effect bug when Forge Wraiths died that could cause the client's frame rate to drop


  • Angelskin, Animal Growth, and Righteous Command have had their durations corrected in their tooltips
  • Prismatic Strike now gains caster levels from the correct sources, to reflect that it is a fire, force, and electric spell
  • The Alchemist spells Melt Armor, Voltaic Backlash, Corrode Weapons, and Cold Spike now have correct dice in their tooltips


  • We have made an adjustment to some assets to allow them to be used by our player User Interface skinning community
    • If you are an experienced DDO UI skin creator you should now have access to replace several assets that you previously could not
  • The game now tells you why trying to augment an item with a Legacy Augment slotted will not work
  • The Unspent Action Point Alert now counts your points correctly
  • The Delete All button for confirmed mail now shows a more accurate warning message
  • The Alchemist Past Life icon has been updated
  • We have improved the visibility of World Shutdown messaging
    • This messaging is now a blue "Global Announcement" text in the chat window, and will additionally display a notice in the middle of the screen
  • LFMs now display their difficulty on the listing itself without needing someone to hover over them
  • LFMs can now properly display Epic Reaper as a difficulty


  • An adjustment has been made aimed at smoothing game performance during character log in