Update 53.0.2

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Hunter and Hunted
Release Information
Released on March 2, 2022

News and Notes


  • Dexterity is now properly applying to Reflex Saving Throws again.


  • The Platemail of Strahd is now its proper color again.

Quests and Adventure Areas

Hunt or Be Hunted

  • Fixed an issue that was causing quests to not bestow when exiting into the landscape from Hunt or Be Hunted.

Wilderness Areas

  • Fixed an issue with random encounter spawning in some wilderness areas.

Against the Demon Queen

  • Against the Demon Queen - Queen Lailat now properly drops her chest when defeated.

Anniversary Event

  • The Water Weirds and Giant Crocodiles in the Anniversary Party now scale properly with the level of the dungeon.
  • The Anniversary Team Outfits now show the correct colors on Warforged and Bladeforged.


  • We are continuing to work on general improvements to server performance. Specifically in this release, improvements have been made to technical dungeon message processing optimization that we identified as having a weighty impact on game performance. Players may also see specific improvements in outdoor adventure area performance.