Update 50.4

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Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
Release Information
Released on October 14, 2021

Of Special Note

The Night Revels has returned!


  • Several spell like abilities in the Favored Soul and Eldritch Knight enhancement trees now properly enforce their global cooldown.
  • Vistani Knife Fighter's Deadly Blades no longer sticks around for longer than it should.
  • Feather Fall augments and items no longer toggle off Warlock's Celestial Spirit


  • Sovereign Lightning Strike now works consistently.
  • Random and Cannith Crafted loot now have their correct W score.
  • A variety of Heroic Red Fens items now have their correct stats and set bonuses.
  • The Truthful Bow set now provides its correct amount of Fortification bypass.
  • The Mantle of Suulomades set now provides its correct amount of Doublestrike.
  • A variety of weapons now have their correct material typing in the durability window.
  • Epic Flameward can now be restored at the Legacy Altar of Epic Rituals.
  • Several additional options for the Gem of Many Facets have been added.
  • Typos have been corrected in some Diversion effects.
  • Several scaling alignment-based burst effects now properly change the base alignment of the weapon they are on.
  • Mind and Matter set bonuses now provide their listed Magical Resistance Rating cap.
  • Deathward now properly protects you from everything that Deathblock does.
  • Threads of Fate have had their visuals updated.
  • New copies of the Precision Lenses from White Plume Mountain now have their correct version of Manslayer.
  • Dripping with Magma now applies on ranged attacks and harmful spellcasts.
  • Void, the Endless Cold is now dealing Cold damage again.
  • A variety of tooltip errors have been fixed with Set Bonuses
  • The Crocodile Maw Handwraps now properly take sentience


  • A Nightmare Mount is now available! The Bone Devil Nightmare Mount can be purchased in the DDO Store.
  • Various mounts are also now available in the DDO Store.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The "Boromar Muscle" Dragonborn from Sharn have had their appearances updated so their outfit displays properly.
  • Fixed an issue with "A Sharn Welcome" that could cause a lag delay to occur.


  • Creeping Doom and Enveloping Swarm are now internally typed as Acid spells.
  • Dragonborn can now properly use the Druid Cold Breath spell.


  • Potions can now be used while moving.
  • Typos have been corrected in the Altars of Epic and Legendary Rituals.
  • Crafting Storage no longer cuts off the maximum capacity if you have a lot of it.
  • Pressing Loot All in a chest will now also loot bound but unpassable ingredients such as Threads of Fate and Raid Runes without requiring you to loot them on their own individually.
  • Items in your inventory are no longer affected by random durability loss from the combat flow.