Update 49.1

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Peril of the Planar Eyes
Release Information
Released on April 29, 2021


  • The animations for Intimidate, Bluff, and Diplomacy no longer cancel the attack chain.
  • The pause after swapping equipment has been reduced.


  • The Aegis of Aosu'riel now has flavor text.
  • Aasimar Scourge's Greater Scourge Weapons no longer says it grants offhand Doublestrike, is now hidden from the buff bar, and no longer falls off when you enter a dungeon, die, or rest.
  • The critical threat range of the Collapsible Shortbow has been fixed, with its Heroic version back to 20x3 and the Epic version properly at 19-20x3.
  • Vivace, the Dreamcarver now applies it spell critical damage more reliably.
  • Several new items released in Update 49 now have their correct material type.
  • The Snakeskin Vest, Gorgon Docent, and Gorgon Armor are now back to being minimum level 8.
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing Bladeforged Iconics from getting their level 15 gear on the Hardcore server.
  • The Sunblade no longer improperly places a buff onto your buff bar.
  • The Magical Vulnerability from Bound Fate and the Physical Vulnerability from Grim Fate no longer stack when effects from different ranks are applied.
    • Rank 2 and 3 of Bound Fate now applies Magical Vulnerability for the correct duration of 45 seconds.
    • Rank 3 of Bound Fate now properly applies its listed amount of 12% Magical Vulnerability.
    • Grim Fate now properly applies its listed amount of Physical Vulnerability (6/10/12%).
  • Corrected an issue with the icon for the new Hardcore IV mount.


  • The Wizard version of Eldritch Knight's Eldritch Blade capstone now properly adds +2 Constitution
  • Knight of the Chalice's Holy Retribution now restores Smite charges again.
  • The Communion of Scribing in the Bladeforged Iconic enhancement tree no longer has its incorrect tooltip speed numbers.
  • The Word of Balance SLA in Season's Herald has had its text corrected.
  • Tier 4 of Angel of Vengeance no longer erroneously applies extra caster levels to Sunbolt.
  • Tier 4 of Angel of Vengeance now calls out that it applies to alignment spells.


  • The favor reward for achieving the proper amount of Morgrave University favor is now available and grants +2 to Search and Spellcraft.



  • The Hardcore vendor now allows access to previous rewards earned during prior seasons on the Hardcore server itself.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Menace of the Underdark - Caught in the Web
    • This quest is now slightly brighter.
    • Lolth has fewer mobs in the final fight.
    • Portal Keepers respawn five seconds slower and more predictably.
    • Ana now notices artifacts from further away.


  • The alert icon for a guild leveling up to a high level now uses the Legendary Victory icon.