Update 46.3

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The Lost Gatekeepers
Release Information
Released on June 30, 2020
  • VIP players and Season Pass holders now get a small group bonus to experience. The bonus is per person in the party other than yourself, and provides a +1% XP boost per party member or member in your raid group, for a maximum bonus of +5% for a party and +11% for a raid group. This bonus is not applied for hirelings or other NPC companions in your group. This bonus stacks with other boosts to XP, including weekend XP bonuses, DDO Store elixirs, and Buddy Boost weekends. This is in addition to the standard +10% XP provided to VIP players.
  • Corrected a non-visible issue in Unyielding Sentinel that was causing an impact on game performance.
  • Corrected a non-visible issue with feeding and draining effects that was causing an impact on game performance.
  • The correct Hardcore Server reward NPC is now located in its proper locations throughout the Hardcore server.
  • Several typos and grammar issues have been corrected with the Hardcore Rewards NPC.
  • The Hardcore Reward NPC now grants Season 1 and 2 rewards on the Hardcore server for those players who earned them previously.
  • Death messages will now display properly on the Hardcore server.