Update 41 Patch 3

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The Khorvaire Shipment
Release Information
Released on February 5, 2019
  • Barbarian damage reduction no longer drops on Death.
  • Enhancement Tree bugs/typos fixed
  • New Favor Feats
    • Tier 1: Grants Skill Bonuses
    • Tier 2: Grants +5 Hit Points (Stacking)
    • Tiers 3 & 4: Various Benefits, including: Saves versus Attack types or monster types, Tree Access, and other benefits
      • The Free Agents: Rank 4: Access to the Falconry Tree on a per character basis
  • A new Feat has been added called Knight's Training
  • Item descriptions have been corrected
  • Monster Agro through doors has been worked on
  • Anniversary Event Updates
  • Other Quest and Public Area changes
  • Reincarnation fixes and logging added to help prevent item loss

Update Loot