Treachery/Twilight's Cloak: Dexterity

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Treachery Twilight's Cloak Filigree Icon.pngTreachery/Twilight's Cloak: Dexterity
Augment Bag Icon.png

Minimum Level: 1

2 Pieces Equipped: +5 Melee and Ranged Power
3 Pieces Equipped: +1d6 Sneak Attack damage
4 Pieces Equipped: +2 to the DC of Assassinate
Twilight's Cloak: 
2 Pieces Equipped: +2 Reflex Saving Throws
3 Pieces Equipped: +5 Magical Resistance Rating
4 Pieces Equipped: +1% Dodge and Maximum Dodge
5 Pieces Equipped: +5% Displacement. Stacks with other sources.
Base Value: 50 Platinum 0.01 lbs
Where To Find: Purchase by double-clicking on the Threads of Fate in your inventory. Cost: