The Ruined Keep: The Daybreak Ritual

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The Ruined Keep- The Daybreak Ritual Map.png
Heroic Level: 16-19
Epic Level: 20-30
Found in: Eveningstar
Takes Place in: The Ruined Keep
Time Limit: 10 Minutes
Patron: Purple Dragon Knights
One point per star
Additional for all stars
Evil Druids have set their sights on the ruined keep, believing that from this spot they can claim control of the surrounding forest.
Star Objectives
  • Defend Zenyff until the ritual is complete Challenge Star Icon.png
  • (Optional) Protect the Spell Ward until it is fully charged Challenge Star Icon.png
  • (Optional) Defeat Grizzled Druid Challenge Star Icon.png
  • (Optional) Defeat Titanic Wood Woad Challenge Star Icon.png
  • Repair both Ballistas Challenge Star Icon.png
Other Objectives
  • Speak with Zenyff
Named Loot