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From DDO Compendium


This template is used to nicely format both the duration that a spell has.

Example Usage
{{SpellDuration|Fixed|Second|10}}10 Seconds
{{SpellDuration|Level|Second|10|Druid|180|60}}60 Seconds + 10 Seconds per Druid Level (Minimum 180 Seconds)


{{Template:SpellDuration|(Type)|(Unit)|(Amount)|(Level Name)|(Minimum duration)|(Base duration)|(max level name)}}

Parameter Documentation
TypeThe type of duration
Possible Values:
  • Fixed - The duration is a fixed time
  • Inst/Instantaneous - The duration is only for an instant, and then dissipates
  • Perm/Permanant - The spell is permanent until dispelled, resting, or leaving quest
  • Level - The duration increases as the caster level increases
  • Dice - The duration is based on a dice roll
UnitThe Unit of time these are using
AmountThe number of units
Level NameWhat causes the duration to increase when the type is level, default is "caster".
Minimum durationThis is the minimum duration for when the type is level, don't specify if there is no minumum
Base durationThis is the base, if duration for when the type is level, the increase is on top of this value.
max level nameThis is maximum value for the level name.


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