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From DDO Compendium


Template is used to render the DC display within enhancements

Example Usage
{{SaveDC|Fortitude|10|Druid|Highest of Wisdom or Strength|Stun|color}}Fortitude DC: 10 + Druid Level + Highest of Wisdom or Strength Modifier + Stun Bonus
{{SaveDC|Fortitude|10|1/2 Artificer|Intelligence|Sunder|color}}Fortitude DC: 10 + 1/2 Artificer Level + Intelligence Modifier + Sunder Bonus
{{SaveDC|Fortitude|10|Druid|Highest of Wisdom or Strength|Stun|tooltip}}Fortitude Save
{{SaveDC|Fortitude|10|1/2 Artificer|Intelligence|Sunder|tooltip}}Fortitude Save


{{SaveDC|(save)|(constant)|(level)|(Ability Mod)|(bonuses)|(type)}}

Parameter Documentation
saveWhich SAVE is being used
constantAny constant added to the DC
levelAny full or partial levels, include the amount of partial (i.e. 1/2 Artificer)
Ability ModAny ability mod added
bonusesAny bonuses (i.e. stun)
typeWhich type of display do you want
Possible Values:
  • color
  • tooltip


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