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This template is used to nicely format the objectives for a quest

Example Usage
{{QuestObjective||Speak with Scrag the Kobold}}Speak with Scrag the Kobold
{{QuestObjective|Optional|Defeat +Severlin}}(Optional) Defeat +Severlin
{{QuestObjective|Counted|Collect some firewood for Brawnpits|4}}Collect some firewood for Brawnpits: 4 total
{{QuestObjective|OptionalCounted|Find and defeat more rock spirits|6||True}}(Optional) Find and defeat more rock spirits: 6 total Challenge Star Icon.png


{{QuestObjective|(Type)|(Objective Text)|(First value for type)|(Difficulty)|(Starred)}}

Parameter Documentation
TypeWhat type of objective is this
Possible Values:
  • Normal (default)
  • Optional
  • Counted
  • OptionalCounted
  • Failure
  • Timer
  • FailureTimer
  • FailureCount
Objective TextThis is the objective
First value for typeThis is the first value used based on type
Possible Values:
  • Normal - not used
  • Optional - not used
  • Counted - The number of times action is needed for optional to count
  • OptionalCounted - The number of times action is needed for optional to count
  • Failure - not used
  • Timer - The time in minutes
  • FailureTimer - The time in minutes
  • FailureCount - The minimum number before failure
DifficultyWhat difficulty is this objective for - only used when quests have multiple difficulties


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