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This is the template for the DR text that shows in the enhancement section of any item for material types. Add new descriptions as needed. This is automatically included in the templates for the weapons/items, etc.

Example Usage
{{ItemMaterialDR|Flametouched Iron}}* Flametouched Iron: Mined only in Thrane, flametouched iron is rare and considered sacred by the Church of the Silver Flame. When mined, this iron variety has a speckled dark red color, resembling rust. Adherents of the Church of the Silver Flame believe that flametouched iron carries the particular blessing of their deity, and they use it to make holy symbols, weapons, and armor A flametouched iron weapon is treated as a good-aligned weapon.
{{ItemMaterialDR|Silver|Long Bow}}


{{ItemMaterialDR|(Material)|(Item Type)}}

Parameter Documentation
MaterialThis is the material that adds to the DR
Item TypeThis is the type of item, as some types don't get the material benefit


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