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Template for a consistent appearance of ingredients in recipes.

Example Usage
{{Ingredient|Silver Flame Trinket}}Silver Flame Trinket Icon.png 1x Silver Flame Trinket
{{Ingredient|Dark Scarab Powder|5}}
Has no Icon in database
5x Dark Scarab Powder
{{Ingredient|Dark Scarab Powder|5|Ingredient Scarab}}Ingredient Scarab Icon.png 5x Dark Scarab Powder
{{Ingredient|Silver Flame Trinket|5|None}}5x Silver Flame Trinket


Parameter Documentation
Ingredient Name
Number of Ingredients required
Possible Values: Any Integer (Defaults to 1)
Icon (If any)
Possible Values:
  • None (No icon)
  • Forced (requires icon, will display red link if nonexistent, useful to easily upload icons)
  • <Icon Name> (Redact .png)
  • Blank (defaults to using a standard icon naming format)
Page NameThe name of the page to link to if different than the ingredient name


Ignore any errors below this line, The errors occur because there is no input into the template, in the template itself.

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