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This template is used to show an icon image for all items, enhancements, etc. It handles making sure they are uniform in size. - Links to image file

Example Usage
{{IconImageWithLink|Enhancement Arcanotechnician}}Enhancement Arcanotechnician Icon.png
{{IconImageWithLink|Arcanotechnician_core_Arcanotechnician|Enhancement Arcanotechnician}}Enhancement Arcanotechnician Icon.png
{{IconImageWithLink|Arcanotechnician_core_Arcanotechnician|Enhancement Arcanotechnician|Arcanotechnician (Enhancement)}}Enhancement Arcanotechnician Icon.png
{{IconImageWithLink|Arcanotechnician_core_Arcanotechnician}}File:Arcanotechnician core Arcanotechnician Icon.png


{{IconImageWithLink|(Generated name)|(User Defined Name)|(Link)}}

Parameter Documentation
Generated nameThe name of the icon that was generated by the outer template, used if the user defined name is empty.
User Defined NameThe name of the icon that was entered as part of the outer template
LinkThe page you want to link to for the icon.


Ignore any errors below this line, The errors occur because there is no input into the template, in the template itself.