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This template is used to render the title of an item enchantment, and handle the different views.

Example Usage
{{EnchTitle|Abilities#Constitution|Constitution +3|}}Constitution +3: 
{{EnchTitle|Abilities#Constitution|Constitution -1|Curse of Clumsiness}}Curse of Clumsiness: 
{{EnchTitle|Abilities#Constitution|Constitution -1|Curse of Clumsiness|True}}Curse of Clumsiness: 


{{RenderEnchantmentTitle|(Page name)|(Title)|(Title Override)|(No Link)|(Show in title only mode)}}

Parameter Documentation
Page nameThe name of the page to link to
TitleThe generated title to show to the viewer
Title OverrideThe title override if sent in on main template
No LinkSpecify value here if there is no link.
Show in title only modeSpecify a value here to show only in "titleonly" mode


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