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This template is used to display a possible dice roll. This is specifically used on weapons to say what is the basic damage amount possible. It uses a bootstrap tooltip to show the range of values.

Example Usage


{{Dice|(Multiplier)|(Die Count)|(Die Sides)|(Add Before Multiplier)|(Add After Multiplier)}}

Parameter Documentation
MultiplierThis is the amount that the dice roll is multiplied by: 1.25[2d8+4]+6
Die CountThis is the number of die that will be rolled: 1.25[2d8+4]+6
Die SidesThis is the number of sides that the die that is rolled will have: 1.25[2d8+4]+6
Add Before MultiplierThis is the amount that is added to the die roll before the multiplier: 1.25[2d8+4]+6
Add After MultiplierThis is the amount that is added to the roll after the multiplier: 1.25[2d8+4]+6


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