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From DDO Compendium


This template is used on enhancements for the SLA enhancement benefit.
Example Usage
{{AddSpellToBook|Enervation||Cleric|4}}Spell Enervation Icon.png The spell Enervation is added to the Cleric spellbook as a level 4 spell.



Parameter Documentation
SpellThis is the spell that will be added.
IconThis is the icon to use, in case the spell has a name that won't work in the icon name.
classThis is the class that the spell is added to
levelThis is the level the spell is added at


Ignore any errors below this line, The errors occur because there is no input into the template, in the template itself.

[[File:Spell {{{1}}}_Icon.png|link=|36px|x36px|]] The spell [[{{{1}}}]] is added to the {{{3}}} spellbook as a level {{{4}}} spell.