Spines of the Manticore/The Wreath of Flame: Ranged Power

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Spines of the Manticore The Wreath of Flame Filigree Icon.pngSpines of the Manticore/The Wreath of Flame: Ranged Power
Augment Bag Icon.png

Minimum Level: 1

The Wreath of Flame: 
2 Pieces Equipped: +5% Fire Absorption
3 Pieces Equipped: Permanent Fire Shield
4 Pieces Equipped: Fire Mastery: Gain 50 Fire Spellpower and Melee and Missile attacks do 4d6 + 1d6 per epic character level in fire damage. This effect will not stack with other Sentience weapon procs.
Spines of the Manticore: 
2 Pieces Equipped: +2 Damage
3 Pieces Equipped: +3% chance to deflect an incoming missile.
4 Pieces Equipped: +10 Ranged Power
Base Value: 50 Platinum 0.01 lbs
Where To Find:  Purchase by double-clicking on the Threads in your inventory. Cost: Thread of Fate Icon.png 250x Thread of Fate