Shadar-kai (Monster) Race

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Shadar-kai, also known as shadow fey, are a race of shadow-like fey connected to the Shadowfell. They are believed to have originated as an offshoot of elves associated with the Raven Queen, although other legends as to their origins also existed, as well as shadar-kai who are connected to other deities and processes related with the Shadowfell.

Some shadar-kai resemble blighted elves, in a perpetual state between life and death, while others are human-like in appearance. They are usually slender and range from slightly taller to slightly shorter than humans, exhibiting graceful movements well suited to stealth.

They have dusky gray skin and colorless complexions that vary from alabaster to dark gray; black hair, with few shadar-kai having pale hair, that range within the range of human hair colors; and dark eyes lacking any sclera or clear pupil. Shadows on their bodies or clothing always seemed to be deeper and darker than shadows elsewhere, and shadow seem to follow them and reach out, especially when they are angry. They are easily lost from view. Many shadar-kai display all kinds of iron body piercings in nose, ears, eyebrows, shoulders, and other parts of the body, and purple-inked tattoos on body, limbs, and face.

Shadar-kai breed true. Their pairings produced shadar-kai offspring, as well as the pairing between a human and a shadar-kai.

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Shadar-kai (Monster) Race