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Phiarlan Carnival

From DDO Compendium

Heroic Range: 5
Epic Range: 20
Bestowed by: Rouge
Found in: House Phiarlan

The freaks are all about when the Phiarlan Carnival hits town! It’s a circus of depravity and danger, and you have front-row seats for the show. Four new extensive dungeon adventures are coming your way when the Phiarlan Carnival arrives. But the lights and the glitter hide a terrible darkness, and you’re acting without a net when you confront the Phiarlan Carnival!
Named End Rewards
Antique GreataxeGreat Axe4Bound to Account on Acquire
Utility VestLight Armor4Bound to Account on Acquire
Illusionist's GarbRobe4Bound to Account on Acquire
Full Plate of the RingleaderHeavy Armor4Bound to Account on Acquire
Battered Phiarlan ShieldLarge Shield4Bound to Character on Acquire
Ring of Elemental EssenceRing3Bound to Account on Acquire
Brimstone VergeWand3Bound to Character on Acquire
Roderic's WandWand3Bound to Character on Acquire
Chulchannad's ClawRune Arm5Bound to Account on Acquire