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Killing Time

From DDO Compendium
Legendary Level: 32
Bestowed by: Sariyon Dran-Dal
Length: Very Long
Takes Place in: The Chronoscope - again?
This is a RAID
Found in: The Marketplace
Entrance in: The Marketplace
Legendary XP
Normal: 47,025
Hard: 48,165
Elite: 49,305
Reaper: 2*(50+134.4) per skull
Patron: Agents of Argonnessen
Solo/Casual: 5
Normal: 11
Hard: 22
Elite: 33
The Chronoscope is a mysterious artifact from before your time... and now the fate of time itself is in your hands!
Ever since you last traveled into the Chronoscope to try and save Nell Gann, wards have been put up to make sure time travel doesn't happen again. Sariyon just informed you that the wards have been breached. He needs you to help investigate the cause, and stop whatever is going on.
  • Investigate the Chronoscope
  • Gather your group before speaking with Sariyan
  • Stop Kor Kaza from completing her ritual
  • Enter the rift and protect the timeline
  • (Failure) Kor Kaza completes her ritual
Named Loot