Illithid Invasion

From DDO Compendium
Take part in a one-time event across Dungeons & Dragons Online! The game needs YOUR help to stop the Illithid Invasion! Powerful and unusual Illithids are on the prowl throughout the world. Update 63: Illithid Invasion is a limited time event in which you'll scour Reaper difficulty dungeons throughout the game to locate these powerful invaders! Defeating these threats unlocks new quests that hold the key to ending their sinister plan! The dungeons stick around after the event, but the invasion happens NOW! Join the fight today!
What is going on?​
Illithids from the Astral Sea are invading Eberron! We must defeat Illithid Invaders hidden throughout the game and defeat them to send them back to their lairs (the four extreme challenge dungeons).
What We Need to Do?​
  • Step 1. Talk to Omryn Cedarbrook in the Sharn Clifftops to get the story.
  • Step 2. Find and defeat Illithid Invaders to unlock the first quest hidden throughout the game on reaper difficulty
  • Step 3. Defeat the Illithid Invaders a number of times to force it back to its lair.<
  • Continue Step 3 until that point has been exhausted.
What are the Rewards?​
The goal of the event is for our community to unlock and permanently added 4 special quests to the game. The Illithid Lairs. Which are lv.34, free to play, Extreme Challenge dungeons. Extreme Challenge, just means more complicated mechanics and bit more difficult than your typical quest.

This isn't just for end game mega elites, the quest is very completable but does scales very harshly and becomes a lot harder as you increase the difficulty. Think of them as like.. easier 6 person mini raids. Elite/r1 is very doable, but as the skull level goes up... the population able to complete begins to thin out.

In addition to named items and augments unique to these quests, they'll also give us access to Cursed Cards to craft the Deck of Many Curses to upgrade our gear. Cards are unbound and are already flooding auction houses.