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A harpy has the upper body of a female humanoid and the lower body of a reptilian creature, with scaly legs, clawed feet, clawed hands and knotty fingers. Harpies have coal-black eyes in faces like cruel old women, with hair that is filthy, tangled, and crusted with old dry blood. They possess powerful leathery wings with which they can fly and carry away their victims.

Harpies do not wear any clothing, but will adorn themselves with jewelry or trinkets from their victims.

There is no physical difference between male and female harpies. The males possess breasts just like the females, leading to the misconception that male harpies did not exist.

The deadliest power of the harpy is its insidious and captivating song. A harpy's song, while it is heard, acted like a charm affecting all non-harpies up to 300 feet (90 meters) away. It takes an effort of will to resist; those who do can count themselves safe for a day, at least from that one harpy's song. In those who succumb, it inducs a trance-like state in which the victim is compelled to move directly towards the harpy. If dangers obstruct their path, they can shake off the effect, but if they may not, they can do little but try to protect themselves. However, once within reach of the harpy, the victim is at the harpy's mercy and makes no attempt at defending themselves. Creatures who can not hear are unaffected by the magical song. Elves are naturally resistant to the effects of the harpy's song.


Type: Monstrous Humanoid
Race: Harpy
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

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Other Members of the Harpy Race[edit]