Hall of the Mark

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Those whose veins flow with the blood of the great Houses may have the power to manifest dragonmarks, potent symbols of draconic prophecy.


Lockania has asked you to enter the Hall of the Mark and study the dragonmarks. If you can show that you understand the knowledge from the hall she will help you discover your bloodline.


  • Discover your bloodline

Named Loot



Questions and answers:

  • House Kundarak is responsible for what service?
    • Banking.
  • Which race wears the Mark of Healing?
    • Halflings.
  • Which house is the greatest military power?
    • House Deneith.
  • What two guilds are operated by House Deneith?
    • Defenders and Blademarks.
  • Which skill does the Mark of Making improve?
    • Repairing.
  • What house created the lightning rail and the warforged?
    • House Cannith.
  • Which now-lost mark appeared with the Mark of Shadow?
    • Mark of Death.
  • What spell-like ability does the Greater Mark of Passage grant?
    • Teleport.
  • What is House Phiarlan's secret business?
    • Espionage.
  • Where did House Jorasco finally settle?
    • Karrnath
  • Who operates the Courier's Guild and the lightning rail?
    • House Orien.
  • When did the Mark of Warding appear, and amongst whom?
    • 2500 years ago, Dwarves.


Free To Play
Heroic Level: 1
Bestowed by:  Lockania
Length: Short
This is a SOLO quest
Found in: The Marketplace

Heroic XP

Solo: 0
Reaper: N/A
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