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Flash Bang

From DDO Compendium

Enhancement Flash Bang Icon.png

Flash Bang

Ranks: 3
Action Points (per rank): 1
Activation Cost: 20 Ki
Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Enhancement Flash Bang Dazing Icon.png Ki Bomb Spell-Like Ability:
  • Throws a fragile eggshell imbued with ninja magic that explodes into light, blinding opponents for 6 seconds on a failed reflex save and momentarily dazing opponents on a failed fortitude save.
Rank 1:
  • Both saving throws: DC: 10 + Monk Level + Wisdom Modifier
Rank 2:
  • Both saving throws: DC: 14 + Monk Level + Wisdom Modifier
Rank 3:
  • Both saving throws: DC: 18 + Monk Level + Wisdom Modifier
Enhancement Flash Bang Icon.png

Ninja Spy - Flash Bang

  • 10 Action Points spent in Tree
  • Monk 3