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Creatures from the Plane of Madness have disturbing effects on mortals.


Merla is upset. One of the younger Twelve mages was trying to impress a barmaid, and accidentally opened a portal to Xoriat. You have agreed to helper her save the inn, and keep Xoriat from expanding to the rest of Stormreach.


  • Rescue the servants and guests
  • Find the Xoriat portal
  • Defeat Knizzlenak
  • (Optional) Win the beholder drinking contest
  • (Optional) Slay the Thaarak pack leader, Ruul

Named Loot


Bonus XP

  • Aggression Bonus: 69 or more monsters killed (+10% Bonus)
  • Onslaught Bonus: 90 or more monsters killed (+15% Bonus)
  • Conquest Bonus: 110 or more monsters killed (+25% Bonus)
  • Observance Bonus: 1 or more secret doors discovered (+8% Bonus)
  • Mischief Bonus: 37 or more breakables smashed (+8% Bonus)
  • Vandal Bonus: 49 or more breakables smashed (+10% Bonus)
  • Ransack Bonus: 60 or more breakables smashed (+15% Bonus)


Free To Play
Delirium Map.png
Delirium Puzzle.png
Delirium Puzzle2.png
Heroic Level: 15

Bestowed by:  Merla Bauerdatter

Length: Medium
Takes Place in: Sleeping Spell Inn
Found in: The Twelve
Entrance in:  The Twelve

Heroic XP

Casual: 2,212
Normal: 3,844
Hard: 4,000
Elite: 4,156
Reaper: 50+45 per skull


Patron: The Free Agents
Solo/Casual: 2
Normal: 5
Hard: 10
Elite: 15


Door into the freezer