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Deception items give +n to hit and +2n to damage for any attack that qualifies as a Sneak Attack. This does not only apply to characters with Sneak Dice.

Improved Deception[edit]

Found on rare items, this weapon/item is hard to focus upon and thus provides a +5 enhancement bonus to Bluff checks. In addition, Improved Deception weapons has a 10% chance to envelop the target in darkness, making them vulnerable to sneak attacks for a short time.

Deception (Classic)[edit]

Found on older items, 5% chance on hit: Your target becomes bluffed for 4 seconds. Bluffed enemies can be targeted by Sneak Attacks even while targeting you. This also provides a bonus to hit and to damage on any attack that qualifies as a sneak attack.

How to Use as a Template:[edit]

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