DDO Compendium:Shared Icons

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This page defines the icons that already exist that are shared. Please try and use these if it matches the item you are already adding. This will get added to as new icons are added that are shared.

Standard Equipment
NameIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImage
Breastplate Armor Breastplate Armor 1Breastplate Armor 1 Icon.png Breastplate Armor 2File:Breastplate Armor 2 Icon.png Breastplate Armor 3File:Breastplate Armor 3 Icon.png Breastplate Armor 4File:Breastplate Armor 4 Icon.png
Docent Docent 1Docent 1 Icon.png Docent 2Docent 2 Icon.png Docent 3File:Docent 3 Icon.png Docent 4File:Docent 4 Icon.png
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor 1Heavy Armor 1 Icon.png Heavy Armor 2Heavy Armor 2 Icon.png Heavy Armor 3Heavy Armor 3 Icon.png Heavy Armor 4File:Heavy Armor 4 Icon.png
Leather Armor Leather Armor 1Leather Armor 1 Icon.png Leather Armor 2Leather Armor 2 Icon.png Leather Armor 3Leather Armor 3 Icon.png Leather Armor 4Leather Armor 4 Icon.png
Leather Armor 5Leather Armor 5 Icon.png Leather Armor 6File:Leather Armor 6 Icon.png Leather Armor 7File:Leather Armor 7 Icon.png Leather Armor 8File:Leather Armor 8 Icon.png
Mail Armor Mail Armor 1Mail Armor 1 Icon.png Mail Armor 2Mail Armor 2 Icon.png Mail Armor 3Mail Armor 3 Icon.png Mail Armor 4File:Mail Armor 4 Icon.png
Medium Armor Medium Armor 1Medium Armor 1 Icon.png Medium Armor 2File:Medium Armor 2 Icon.png Medium Armor 3File:Medium Armor 3 Icon.png Medium Armor 4File:Medium Armor 4 Icon.png
Outfit Outfit 1Outfit 1 Icon.png Outfit 2Outfit 2 Icon.png Outfit 3Outfit 3 Icon.png Outfit 4Outfit 4 Icon.png
Outfit 5Outfit 5 Icon.png Outfit 6File:Outfit 6 Icon.png Outfit 7File:Outfit 7 Icon.png Outfit 8File:Outfit 8 Icon.png
Robes Robe 1Robe 1 Icon.png Robe 2Robe 2 Icon.png Robe 3File:Robe 3 Icon.png Robe 4File:Robe 4 Icon.png
NameIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImage
Belts Belt 1Belt 1 Icon.png Belt 2Belt 2 Icon.png Belt 3Belt 3 Icon.png Belt 4Belt 4 Icon.png
Belt 5Belt 5 Icon.png Belt 6File:Belt 6 Icon.png Belt 7File:Belt 7 Icon.png Belt 8File:Belt 8 Icon.png
Boots Boots 1Boots 1 Icon.png Boots 2Boots 2 Icon.png Boots 3Boots 3 Icon.png Boots 4Boots 4 Icon.png
Boots 5Boots 5 Icon.png Boots 6Boots 6 Icon.png Boots 7File:Boots 7 Icon.png Boots 8File:Boots 8 Icon.png
Bracers Bracers 1Bracers 1 Icon.png Bracers 2Bracers 2 Icon.png Bracers 3Bracers 3 Icon.png Bracers 4Bracers 4 Icon.png
Bracers 5Bracers 5 Icon.png Bracers 6Bracers 6 Icon.png Bracers 7Bracers 7 Icon.png Bracers 8Bracers 8 Icon.png
Cloaks Cloak 1Cloak 1 Icon.png Cloak 2Cloak 2 Icon.png Cloak 3Cloak 3 Icon.png Cloak 4Cloak 4 Icon.png
Cloak 5Cloak 5 Icon.png Cloak 6Cloak 6 Icon.png Cloak 7Cloak 7 Icon.png Cloak 8Cloak 8 Icon.png
Cloak 9Cloak 9 Icon.png Cloak 10Cloak 10 Icon.png Cloak 11Cloak 11 Icon.png Cloak 12Cloak 12 Icon.png
Gloves Gloves 1Gloves 1 Icon.png Gloves 2Gloves 2 Icon.png Gloves 3Gloves 3 Icon.png Gloves 4Gloves 4 Icon.png
Gloves 5Gloves 5 Icon.png Gloves 6File:Gloves 6 Icon.png Gloves 7File:Gloves 7 Icon.png Gloves 8File:Gloves 8 Icon.png
Goggles Goggles 1Goggles 1 Icon.png Goggles 2Goggles 2 Icon.png Goggles 3Goggles 3 Icon.png Goggles 4Goggles 4 Icon.png
Goggles 5Goggles 5 Icon.png Goggles 6Goggles 6 Icon.png Goggles 7Goggles 7 Icon.png Goggles 8File:Goggles 8 Icon.png
Helmet Helmet 1Helmet 1 Icon.png Helmet 2Helmet 2 Icon.png Helmet 3Helmet 3 Icon.png Helmet 4Helmet 4 Icon.png
Helmet 5Helmet 5 Icon.png Helmet 6Helmet 6 Icon.png Helmet 7Helmet 7 Icon.png Helmet 8Helmet 8 Icon.png
Helmet 9Helmet 9 Icon.png Helmet 10Helmet 10 Icon.png Helmet 11Helmet 11 Icon.png Helmet 12File:Helmet 12 Icon.png
Necklaces Necklace 1Necklace 1 Icon.png Necklace 2Necklace 2 Icon.png Necklace 3Necklace 3 Icon.png Necklace 4Necklace 4 Icon.png
Necklace 5Necklace 5 Icon.png Necklace 6Necklace 6 Icon.png Necklace 7Necklace 7 Icon.png Necklace 8Necklace 8 Icon.png
Necklace 9Necklace 9 Icon.png Necklace 10File:Necklace 10 Icon.png Necklace 11File:Necklace 11 Icon.png Necklace 12File:Necklace 12 Icon.png
Other Other 1Other 1 Icon.png Other 2File:Other 2 Icon.png Other 3File:Other 3 Icon.png Other 4File:Other 4 Icon.png
Rings Ring 1Ring 1 Icon.png Ring 2Ring 2 Icon.png Ring 3Ring 3 Icon.png Ring 4Ring 4 Icon.png
Ring 5Ring 5 Icon.png Ring 6Ring 6 Icon.png Ring 7Ring 7 Icon.png Ring 8Ring 8 Icon.png
Ring 9Ring 9 Icon.png Ring 10Ring 10 Icon.png Ring 11Ring 11 Icon.png Ring 12Ring 12 Icon.png
Ring 13Ring 13 Icon.png Ring 14Ring 14 Icon.png Ring 15Ring 15 Icon.png Ring 16Ring 16 Icon.png
Trinkets Trinket 1File:Trinket 1 Icon.png Trinket 2File:Trinket 2 Icon.png Trinket 3File:Trinket 3 Icon.png Trinket 4File:Trinket 4 Icon.png
NameIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImage
Bastard Sword Bastard Sword 1Bastard Sword 1 Icon.png Bastard Sword 2Bastard Sword 2 Icon.png Bastard Sword 3Bastard Sword 3 Icon.png Bastard Sword 4File:Bastard Sword 4 Icon.png
Battle Axe Battle Axe 1Battle Axe 1 Icon.png Battle Axe 2Battle Axe 2 Icon.png Battle Axe 3File:Battle Axe 3 Icon.png Battle Axe 4File:Battle Axe 4 Icon.png
Club Club 1Club 1 Icon.png Club 2Club 2 Icon.png Club 3Club 3 Icon.png Club 4File:Club 4 Icon.png
Dagger Dagger 1Dagger 1 Icon.png Dagger 2Dagger 2 Icon.png Dagger 3Dagger 3 Icon.png Dagger 4Dagger 4 Icon.png
Dart Dart 1Dart 1 Icon.png Dart 2Dart 2 Icon.png Dart 3File:Dart 3 Icon.png Dart 4File:Dart 4 Icon.png
Dwarven War Axe Dwarven War Axe 1Dwarven War Axe 1 Icon.png Dwarven War Axe 2Dwarven War Axe 2 Icon.png Dwarven War Axe 3Dwarven War Axe 3 Icon.png Dwarven War Axe 4File:Dwarven War Axe 4 Icon.png
Falchion Falchion 1Falchion 1 Icon.png Falchion 2Falchion 2 Icon.png Falchion 3File:Falchion 3 Icon.png Falchion 4Falchion 4 Icon.png
Great Axe Great Axe 1Great Axe 1 Icon.png Great Axe 2Great Axe 2 Icon.png Great Axe 3File:Great Axe 3 Icon.png Great Axe 4File:Great Axe 4 Icon.png
Great Club Great Club 1Great Club 1 Icon.png Great Club 2Great Club 2 Icon.png Great Club 3Great Club 3 Icon.png Great Club 4File:Great Club 4 Icon.png
Great Crossbow Great Crossbow 1Great Crossbow 1 Icon.png Great Crossbow 2Great Crossbow 2 Icon.png Great Crossbow 3File:Great Crossbow 3 Icon.png Great Crossbow 4File:Great Crossbow 4 Icon.png
Great Sword Great Sword 1Great Sword 1 Icon.png Great Sword 2Great Sword 2 Icon.png Great Sword 3File:Great Sword 3 Icon.png Great Sword 4File:Great Sword 4 Icon.png
Handaxe Handaxe 1Handaxe 1 Icon.png Handaxe 2Handaxe 2 Icon.png Handaxe 3File:Handaxe 3 Icon.png Handaxe 4File:Handaxe 4 Icon.png
Handwraps Handwraps 1Handwraps 1 Icon.png Handwraps 2Handwraps 2 Icon.png Handwraps 3File:Handwraps 3 Icon.png Handwraps 4File:Handwraps 4 Icon.png
Handwraps 5Handwraps 5 Icon.png Handwraps 6Handwraps 6 Icon.png Handwraps 7File:Handwraps 7 Icon.png Handwraps 8File:Handwraps 8 Icon.png
Heavy Crossbow Heavy Crossbow 1Heavy Crossbow 1 Icon.png Heavy Crossbow 2Heavy Crossbow 2 Icon.png Heavy Crossbow 3File:Heavy Crossbow 3 Icon.png Heavy Crossbow 4File:Heavy Crossbow 4 Icon.png
Heavy Mace Heavy Mace 1Heavy Mace 1 Icon.png Heavy Mace 2Heavy Mace 2 Icon.png Heavy Mace 3Heavy Mace 3 Icon.png Heavy Mace 4File:Heavy Mace 4 Icon.png
Heavy Pick Heavy Pick 1Heavy Pick 1 Icon.png Heavy Pick 2Heavy Pick 2 Icon.png Heavy Pick 3Heavy Pick 3 Icon.png Heavy Pick 4File:Heavy Pick 4 Icon.png
Kama Kama 1Kama 1 Icon.png Kama 2Kama 2 Icon.png Kama 3File:Kama 3 Icon.png Kama 4File:Kama 4 Icon.png
Khopesh Khopesh 1Khopesh 1 Icon.png Khopesh 2Khopesh 2 Icon.png Khopesh 3File:Khopesh 3 Icon.png Khopesh 4File:Khopesh 4 Icon.png
Kukri Kukri 1Kukri 1 Icon.png Kukri 2Kukri 2 Icon.png Kukri 3File:Kukri 3 Icon.png Kukri 4File:Kukri 4 Icon.png
Light Crossbow Light Crossbow 1Light Crossbow 1 Icon.png Light Crossbow 2Light Crossbow 2 Icon.png Light Crossbow 3File:Light Crossbow 3 Icon.png Light Crossbow 4File:Light Crossbow 4 Icon.png
Light Hammer Light Hammer 1Light Hammer 1 Icon.png Light Hammer 2Light Hammer 2 Icon.png Light Hammer 3File:Light Hammer 3 Icon.png Light Hammer 4File:Light Hammer 4 Icon.png
Light Mace Light Mace 1Light Mace 1 Icon.png Light Mace 2Light Mace 2 Icon.png Light Mace 3File:Light Mace 3 Icon.png Light Mace 4File:Light Mace 4 Icon.png
Light Pick Light Pick 1Light Pick 1 Icon.png Light Pick 2Light Pick 2 Icon.png Light Pick 3File:Light Pick 3 Icon.png Light Pick 4File:Light Pick 4 Icon.png
Long Bow Long Bow 1Long Bow 1 Icon.png Long Bow 2Long Bow 2 Icon.png Long Bow 3Long Bow 3 Icon.png Long Bow 4Long Bow 4 Icon.png
Long Sword Long Sword 1Long Sword 1 Icon.png Long Sword 2Long Sword 2 Icon.png Long Sword 3Long Sword 3 Icon.png Long Sword 4File:Long Sword 4 Icon.png
Maul Maul 1Maul 1 Icon.png Maul 2Maul 2 Icon.png Maul 3File:Maul 3 Icon.png Maul 4File:Maul 4 Icon.png
Morningstar Morningstar 1Morningstar 1 Icon.png Morningstar 2Morningstar 2 Icon.png Morningstar 3File:Morningstar 3 Icon.png Morningstar 4File:Morningstar 4 Icon.png
Quarterstaff Quarterstaff 1Quarterstaff 1 Icon.png Quarterstaff 2Quarterstaff 2 Icon.png Quarterstaff 3Quarterstaff 3 Icon.png Quarterstaff 4Quarterstaff 4 Icon.png
Quarterstaff 5Quarterstaff 5 Icon.png Quarterstaff 6Quarterstaff 6 Icon.png Quarterstaff 7Quarterstaff 7 Icon.png Quarterstaff 8File:Quarterstaff 8 Icon.png
Rapier Rapier 1Rapier 1 Icon.png Rapier 2Rapier 2 Icon.png Rapier 3Rapier 3 Icon.png Rapier 4File:Rapier 4 Icon.png
Repeating Crossbow Repeating Crossbow 1Repeating Crossbow 1 Icon.png Repeating Crossbow 2Repeating Crossbow 2 Icon.png Repeating Crossbow 3Repeating Crossbow 3 Icon.png Repeating Crossbow 4File:Repeating Crossbow 4 Icon.png
Rune Arms Rune Arm 1Rune Arm 1 Icon.png Rune Arm 2Rune Arm 2 Icon.png Rune Arm 3Rune Arm 3 Icon.png Rune Arm 4File:Rune Arm 4 Icon.png
Scimitar Scimitar 1Scimitar 1 Icon.png Scimitar 2Scimitar 2 Icon.png Scimitar 3File:Scimitar 3 Icon.png Scimitar 4File:Scimitar 4 Icon.png
Short Bow Short Bow 1Short Bow 1 Icon.png Short Bow 2Short Bow 2 Icon.png Short Bow 3File:Short Bow 3 Icon.png Short Bow 4File:Short Bow 4 Icon.png
Short Sword Short Sword 1Short Sword 1 Icon.png Short Sword 2Short Sword 2 Icon.png Short Sword 3File:Short Sword 3 Icon.png Short Sword 4File:Short Sword 4 Icon.png
Shuriken Shuriken 1Shuriken 1 Icon.png Shuriken 2Shuriken 2 Icon.png Shuriken 3File:Shuriken 3 Icon.png Shuriken 4File:Shuriken 4 Icon.png
Sickles Sickle 1Sickle 1 Icon.png Sickle 2Sickle 2 Icon.png Sickle 3File:Sickle 3 Icon.png Sickle 4File:Sickle 4 Icon.png
Throwing Axe Throwing Axe 1Throwing Axe 1 Icon.png Throwing Axe 2Throwing Axe 2 Icon.png Throwing Axe 3File:Throwing Axe 3 Icon.png Throwing Axe 4File:Throwing Axe 4 Icon.png
Throwing Dagger Throwing Dagger 1Throwing Dagger 1 Icon.png Throwing Dagger 2Throwing Dagger 2 Icon.png Throwing Dagger 3File:Throwing Dagger 3 Icon.png Throwing Dagger 4File:Throwing Dagger 4 Icon.png
Throwing Hammer Throwing Hammer 1Throwing Hammer 1 Icon.png Throwing Hammer 2Throwing Hammer 2 Icon.png Throwing Hammer 3File:Throwing Hammer 3 Icon.png Throwing Hammer 4File:Throwing Hammer 4 Icon.png
Warhammer Warhammer 1Warhammer 1 Icon.png Warhammer 2Warhammer 2 Icon.png Warhammer 3File:Warhammer 3 Icon.png Warhammer 4File:Warhammer 4 Icon.png
NameIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImage
Buckler Buckler 1Buckler 1 Icon.png Buckler 2Buckler 2 Icon.png Buckler 3File:Buckler 3 Icon.png Buckler 4File:Buckler 4 Icon.png
Orb Orb 1Orb 1 Icon.png Orb 2Orb 2 Icon.png Orb 3File:Orb 3 Icon.png Orb 4File:Orb 4 Icon.png
Shield Shield 1Shield 1 Icon.png Shield 2Shield 2 Icon.png Shield 3Shield 3 Icon.png Shield 4Shield 4 Icon.png
Shield 5Shield 5 Icon.png Shield 6File:Shield 6 Icon.png Shield 7File:Shield 7 Icon.png Shield 8File:Shield 8 Icon.png
NameIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImage
Colorless Augment Colorless 1File:Augment Colorless 1 Icon.png Augment Colorless 2File:Augment Colorless 2 Icon.png Augment Colorless 3File:Augment Colorless 3 Icon.png
Yellow Augment Yellow 1File:Augment Yellow 1 Icon.png Augment Yellow 2File:Augment Yellow 2 Icon.png Augment Yellow 3File:Augment Yellow 3 Icon.png
Blue Augment Blue 1File:Augment Blue 1 Icon.png Augment Blue 2File:Augment Blue 2 Icon.png Augment Blue 3File:Augment Blue 3 Icon.png
Orange Augment Orange 1File:Augment Orange 1 Icon.png Augment Orange 2File:Augment Orange 2 Icon.png Augment Orange 3File:Augment Orange 3 Icon.png

Raid Equipment
NameIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImage
Breastplate Armor Raid Breastplate Armor 1Raid Breastplate Armor 1 Icon.png Raid Breastplate Armor 2File:Raid Breastplate Armor 2 Icon.png Raid Breastplate Armor 3File:Raid Breastplate Armor 3 Icon.png
Docent Raid Docent 1Raid Docent 1 Icon.png Raid Docent 2File:Raid Docent 2 Icon.png Raid Docent 3File:Raid Docent 3 Icon.png
Heavy Armor Raid Heavy Armor 1Raid Heavy Armor 1 Icon.png Raid Heavy Armor 2Raid Heavy Armor 2 Icon.png Raid Heavy Armor 3File:Raid Heavy Armor 3 Icon.png
Leather Armor Raid Leather Armor 1Raid Leather Armor 1 Icon.png Raid Leather Armor 2File:Raid Leather Armor 2 Icon.png Raid Leather Armor 3File:Raid Leather Armor 3 Icon.png
Mail Armor Raid Mail Armor 1Raid Mail Armor 1 Icon.png Raid Mail Armor 2File:Raid Mail Armor 2 Icon.png MaiRaid l Armor 3File:Raid Mail Armor 3 Icon.png
Outfit Raid Outfit 1Raid Outfit 1 Icon.png Raid Outfit 2File:Raid Outfit 2 Icon.png Raid Outfit 3File:Raid Outfit 3 Icon.png
Robes Raid Robe 1Raid Robe 1 Icon.png Raid Robe 2File:Raid Robe 2 Icon.png Raid Robe 3File:Raid Robe 3 Icon.png
NameIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImage
Belts Raid Belt 1Raid Belt 1 Icon.png Raid Belt 2Raid Belt 2 Icon.png Raid Belt 3Raid Belt 3 Icon.png
Raid Belt 4Raid Belt 4 Icon.png Raid Belt 5File:Raid Belt 5 Icon.png Raid Belt 6File:Raid Belt 6 Icon.png
Boots Raid Boots 1Raid Boots 1 Icon.png Raid Boots 2Raid Boots 2 Icon.png Raid Boots 3Raid Boots 3 Icon.png
Bracers Raid Bracers 1Raid Bracers 1 Icon.png Raid Bracers 2Raid Bracers 2 Icon.png Raid Bracers 3Raid Bracers 3 Icon.png
Raid Bracers 4Raid Bracers 4 Icon.png Raid Bracers 5File:Raid Bracers 5 Icon.png Raid Bracers 6File:Raid Bracers 6 Icon.png
Cloaks Raid Cloak 1Raid Cloak 1 Icon.png Raid Cloak 2Raid Cloak 2 Icon.png Raid Cloak 3Raid Cloak 3 Icon.png
Goggles Raid Goggles 1Raid Goggles 1 Icon.png Raid Goggles 2Raid Goggles 2 Icon.png Raid Goggles 3Raid Goggles 3 Icon.png
Gloves Raid Gloves 1Raid Gloves 1 Icon.png Raid Gloves 2Raid Gloves 2 Icon.png Raid Gloves 3Raid Gloves 3 Icon.png
Raid Gloves 4Raid Gloves 4 Icon.png Raid Gloves 5File:Raid Gloves 5 Icon.png Raid Gloves 6File:Raid Gloves 6 Icon.png
Helmet Raid Helmet 1Raid Helmet 1 Icon.png Raid Helmet 2File:Raid Helmet 2 Icon.png Raid Helmet 3File:Raid Helmet 3 Icon.png
Necklaces Raid Necklace 1Raid Necklace 1 Icon.png Raid Necklace 2Raid Necklace 2 Icon.png Raid Necklace 3Raid Necklace 3 Icon.png
Raid Necklace 4Raid Necklace 4 Icon.png Raid Necklace 5File:Raid Necklace 5 Icon.png Raid Necklace 6File:Raid Necklace 6 Icon.png
Rings Raid Ring 1Raid Ring 1 Icon.png Raid Ring 2Raid Ring 2 Icon.png Raid Ring 3Raid Ring 3 Icon.png
Raid Ring 4Raid Ring 4 Icon.png Raid Ring 5Raid Ring 5 Icon.png Raid Ring 6Raid Ring 6 Icon.png
Trinkets Raid Trinket 1Raid Trinket 1 Icon.png Raid Trinket 2Raid Trinket 2 Icon.png Raid Trinket 3Raid Trinket 3 Icon.png
NameIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImage
Axe Raid Axe 1File:Raid Axe 1 Icon.png Raid Axe 2File:Raid Axe 2 Icon.png Raid Axe 3File:Raid Axe 3 Icon.png
Club Raid Club 1Raid Club 1 Icon.png Raid Club 2File:Raid Club 2 Icon.png Raid Club 3File:Raid Club 3 Icon.png
Crossbow Raid Crossbow 1Raid Crossbow 1 Icon.png Raid Crossbow 2Raid Crossbow 2 Icon.png Raid Crossbow 3File:Raid Crossbow 3 Icon.png
Handwraps Raid Handwraps 1Raid Handwraps 1 Icon.png Raid Handwraps 2File:Raid Handwraps 2 Icon.png Raid Handwraps 3File:Raid Handwraps 3 Icon.png
Long Swords Raid Long Sword 1Raid Long Sword 1 Icon.png Raid Long Sword 2File:Raid Long Sword 2 Icon.png Raid Long Sword 3File:Raid Long Sword 3 Icon.png
Quarterstaff Raid Quarterstaff 1Raid Quarterstaff 1 Icon.png Raid Quarterstaff 2Raid Quarterstaff 2 Icon.png Raid Quarterstaff 3File:Raid Quarterstaff 3 Icon.png
Rune Arms Raid Rune Arm 1Raid Rune Arm 1 Icon.png Raid Rune Arm 2File:Raid Rune Arm 2 Icon.png Raid Rune Arm 3File:Raid Rune Arm 3 Icon.png
NameIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImage
Buckler Raid Buckler 1Raid Buckler 1 Icon.png Raid Buckler 2File:Raid Buckler 2 Icon.png Raid Buckler 3File:Raid Buckler 3 Icon.png
Shield Raid Shield 1Raid Shield 1 Icon.png Raid Shield 2Raid Shield 2 Icon.png Raid Shield 3Raid Shield 3 Icon.png
Orb Raid Orb 1Raid Orb 1 Icon.png Raid Orb 2File:Raid Orb 2 Icon.png Raid Orb 3File:Raid Orb 3 Icon.png
NameIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImage
Yellow Raid Augment Yellow 1Raid Augment Yellow 1 Icon.png Raid Augment Yellow 2File:Raid Augment Yellow 2 Icon.png Raid Augment Yellow 3File:Raid Augment Yellow 3 Icon.png
Blue Raid Augment Blue 1Raid Augment Blue 1 Icon.png Raid Augment Blue 2File:Raid Augment Blue 2 Icon.png Raid Augment Blue 3File:Raid Augment Blue 3 Icon.png
Orange Raid Augment Orange 1Raid Augment Orange 1 Icon.png Raid Augment Orange 2File:Raid Augment Orange 2 Icon.png Raid Augment Orange 3File:Raid Augment Orange 3 Icon.png
Cosmetic Items
NameIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImageIcon NameImage
Cloaks Cosmetic Cloak 1Cosmetic Cloak 1 Icon.png Cosmetic Cloak 2Cosmetic Cloak 2 Icon.png Cosmetic Cloak 3Cosmetic Cloak 3 Icon.png Cosmetic Cloak 4Cosmetic Cloak 4 Icon.png
Red Armor Cosmetic Red Armor 1Cosmetic Red Armor 1 Icon.png Cosmetic Red Armor 2File:Cosmetic Red Armor 2 Icon.png Cosmetic Red Armor 3File:Cosmetic Red Armor 3 Icon.png Cosmetic Red Armor 4File:Cosmetic Red Armor 4 Icon.png