Category:Wildman Race

From DDO Compendium

Wildmen look as one may think when they hear that name. They are humanoids with shrubbery and plants growing wildly on their bodies. The plants often intertwine with their body hair, which usually takes the shape of long beards and pubic hair. These hairs are oddly fibrous and feel almost like thin, supple branches of a tree. Wildmen have sometimes been seen with flowers, acorns or pinecones that additionally adorn them. Some even have wooden branches stick out of their heads like horns.

Unlike a typical human, wildmen have grown hair that covers a majority of their lower body and legs. They often are seen with "wild eyes" like that of a scared animal and their eyes are often described to have yellow sclera rather than white. Some wildmen take on different features of animals that dwell in their locale, like bears, snakes and so forth. A wildman in a jungle with serpents may have scaly patterned skin and different pupils whilst one who lived in an aerial forest may have some feathers and a hooked nose.