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{{#if: {{{notablefeatures|}}}|
{{#if: {{{notablefeatures|}}}|
<tr><td class="extra-details"><span class="title">Notable Features</span><br>{{{notablefeatures}}}</td></tr>}}
<tr><td class="extra-details"><span class="title">Notable Features</span>{{WrapMultiLine|{{{notablefeatures}}}}}</td></tr>}}

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|name = 
|location = 
|notes = 


This template is used to render information about point of interest: Wayward Lobster.


Parameter Documentation
nameThe name of the point of interest.
typeWhat type of point is this.
Possible Values:
  • Bank
  • Auction House
  • Airship Entrance
  • Shop
  • Inn
  • Area
locationA Public Area that this is in. Use Template:PageLink if the name is not the same as the name of the page.
entranceWhere in the location is the entrance
sellsWhat does this sell if it is a store
descriptionDescribe the point of interest
notesAny notes about this POI.
notablefeaturesA bulleted list of features of this POI that won't automatically show up (i.e. portals, etc).


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[[Category:{{{type}}}]][[Category: Points of Interest in {{{location}}}]]