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This template is used on equipment that is created via known crafting systems, i.e Vaults of the Artificers, Sharn, etc.

Example Usage
{{CreatedViaCrafting|Vaults of the Artificers|Obsidian Arrowhead|400|Crude Talisman|400}}Vaults of the Artificers Created Item using: Obsidian Arrowhead


{{CreatedViaCrafting|(Where)|(Ingredient Name)|(Ingredient Name)|(...)}}

Parameter Documentation
WhereThis the type of crafting that is used
Possible Values:
  • Vaults of the Artificers
  • Schism Shard
  • Green Steel
  • Legendary Green Steel
  • Upgrade
  • Stone of Change
  • Device Workstation
  • Fountain of Necrotic Might
  • Nearly Finished
  • Alchemical
  • Dragontouched
  • Incredible Potential
  • Seal Scroll Shard
  • ToEE
  • Slave Lords
Ingredient NameIngredient Quantity
Ingredient NameIngredient Quantity
...Continue entering ingredient names and quantities as above, this template currently supports 15 unique ingredients.


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Uses the [[{{{1}}}]] crafting system