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Heroic Range: 13-22
Enter through: Reaver's Refuge

Slay 10 creatures: 725/25 XP
Slay 979 creatures: 50/1,325 XP
Slay 100 creatures: 1,950/200 XP
Slay 3095 creatures: 400/5,345 XP
Slay 750 creatures: 8,895/1,500 XP
Slay 18360 creatures: 3,000/37,055 XP
Slay 5000 creatures: 51,525/7,500 XP
Slay 67295 creatures: {{{24}}} XP
XP per explorer: 500
Bonus XP for all points: 750
Find Aussircaex's Valley
Discover the Risia Portal
Discover the embedded bodies
Discover the Dragon Landing Ledge
Discover the Frost Giant Camp
Dungeon Entrances
Find the White Dragon's Sanctuary
This is a level 17 Wilderness Adventure Area, allowing characters from levels 13 to 22 to get full experience.
Lvl Ep Quest Patron Adventure Pack Chain
17 N/A Prey on the Hunter Agents of Argonnessen The Reaver's Reach Refuge in the Storm
Each Rare: 1,000 XP All Rares: 1,500 XP 
NameTypeRaceRare Information
Erown the RecovererGiantGiantFound in the frost giant camp
Portal to RisiaConstructInanimate ObjectFound in the south east passage off the main way to the quest entrance
RuwenzoriMagical BeastWolfFound in the north east passage off the main way to the quest entrance