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Release Information
Released on April 24, 2024

Of Special Note:

Year of the Dragon - April arrives on Wednesday!

The Year of the Dragon celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons with free gifts every month! Read more about the Year of the Dragon on DDO.com.

Starting on Wednesday, April 24th through May 28th, 2024, all players can speak to Xatheral in the Eberron Hall of Heroes and select one expansion they wish to acquire for their account! All expansions except for Vecna Unleashed are available to choose from. You will get access to the playable content of the expansion that is normally available in the DDO Store for Points, not any of the additional bonuses or account unlocks granted from the DDO Market editions.

If you already have all of the expansions on your account, then Xatheral will instead direct you to speak to an NPC named Estraz nearby to receive a Greater Elixir of Discovery. This Elixir boosts the chances of getting Named Loot from chests that ordinarily contain Named Loot by 10%. (Bonus Type: Special) This effect lasts for 60 minutes. The timer for this effect pauses while you are in public areas or logged out. Limit 1 per Account.

Read more about our expansions and this latest Year of the Dragon Gift on DDO.com.

News and Notes:

General Changes

  • Quest selection UI within LFM creation now displays and allows for sorting by Heroic and Epic level and if the quest is a Raid or not.
  • Hovering over a quest entry in the LFM creation window and Adventure Compendium now displays both the Heroic/Epic/Legendary level and the location where the quest can be found.
  • The Gatekeepers' Grove now has a Stormreach teleporter and an airship entrance, and can now be reached via the Stormreach teleporter system and the airship captain.
  • Quest entrances and NPC names in the Gatekeepers' Grove have been reworked to make it clearer what areas/quests they take you to.

Bug Fixes

  • NPCs who offer to transport you in the Stormhorns Wilderness for Astral Shards should now properly transport you.
  • Heroic Zawabi's Revenge now has its intended Raid rune drops
  • Fixed a typo in Darling's rat form tooltip
  • Fixed a framerate issue with switching between multiple combat targets
  • Fixed several instances where the game client could crash when interacting with objects
  • Icy Prison should now properly freeze targets

Known Issues

  • Xatheral has been temporarily disabled while we investigate a bug with Year of the Dragon gift delivery.
  • Focus Orbs are sometimes displaying incorrect and duplicated imagery.
  • The Guild Airship Farshifter's user interface is not properly displaying "Send me someplace else." This can be temporarily corrected by hovering selection over a different choice and then using the down arrow key to navigate past the lowest displayed option, then hitting Enter to select the hidden option.