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Update 44.0.1

From DDO Compendium
Update 44 splash image.jpg
The Keep on the Borderlands
Release Information
Released on November 15, 2019
  • Epic Destinies
    • Fatesinger's Primal Hymn now properly adjusts Bow and Thrown Attack Speed instead of all ranged attack speed.
  • Mounts
    • Updated some animations and visual polish.
  • Quests and Adventure Areas
    • Keep on the Borderlands
      • Kregen the Gatekeeper will now send players to Keep on the Borderlands regardless of character level.
      • Fire Beetles are now a bit smaller.
      • Sitting bears can now be damaged at a distance with ranged weapons.
    • Corrected an issue in the quest Watch Your Step. The quest is now open!
  • Races
    • Corrected an issue with the warforged swimming animation.
    • Fixed a clipping issue with one of the human female hairstyles through cloaks while riding.