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* Crimsonite
* Crimsonite
* Gildleaf
* Gildleaf
* Cerulite
* Ceruleite

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This template is used to render information about a spell. Example of the Template in Use: Ablative Armor.


Parameter Documentation
nameThe name of the spell.
schoolEnter the school this spell is in, using Template:SpellSchool
levelEnter the class levels needed, using Template:SpellLevel
costThe cost, whether in Spell Points, Hit Points, or some other. Use Template:SpellCost
componentsThe components that are needed to cast this spell. Use Template:SpellComponent
metamagicWhich metamagics work on this spell. Use Template:SpellMeta
rangeWhat is the range for this spell. Use Template:SpellRange
targetWhat targets are used by the spell. Use Template:SpellTarget
durationHow long the spell lasts. Use Template:SpellDuration
saveDescribe a save that could be done
srDescribe any spell resistanace
cooldownHow long before the next time you can cast the spell. . Use Template:SpellCooldown
descriptionEnter the description of what this spell does,
notesOptional, adds notes to the spell, put bugs if any in here
soldbyA bulleted list of vendors that sell this. Use Template:PageLink
iconThe name of the image to use. There is a default, so this should only be used if the default doesn't make sense
linkThe name of the page that this is on. Used by DPL
diceThe information about the D&D Dice damage/healing.
formsThis is the list of valid forms for the spell. Use Template:SpellForm
parentSet this to the spell that is the parent of this one. I.E. Resist Energy is the parent of Resist Energy: Fire. Use Template:PageLink
childrenThis should contain a bullited list of spells that are children of this one. Use Template:SpellChild
primerWhich primer element is this spell in
Possible Values:
  • Crimsonite
  • Gildleaf
  • Ceruleite


Ignore any errors below this line, The errors occur because there is no input into the template, in the template itself.