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Mechanic's Belt

Minimum Level: 18
Bound to Character on Acquire

  • Constitution +6: Passive: +6 Enhancement bonus to Constitution.
  • Proof Against Poison +6: This item grants its wearer immunity to natural poisons. This item also grants a +6 Enhancement bonus to saving throws against magical poisons, and the wearer does not fail saving throws against them on a roll of a natural 1 (this renders the wearer immune to magical poisons with a DC of less than 7 + their Fortitude save).
  • Mechanic: This item is one of two pieces of the Mechanic set. When both items are equipped you will gain a +15 to Open Locks, +15 to Disarm Traps, and +2 Exceptional bonus to all Dexterity based skills.
  • Fire Resistance: +10 bonus to Resist Fire.

Material: This item is made out of: Leather
Hardness: 15 Durability: 110

Description: This leather belt has a number of small pouches holding arious tools. It was worn by the master Nechanic, Rotas.

Base Value: 10,002 Platinum.png 0.10 lbs
Where To Find: