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Difference between revisions of "Legendary Spectre Boots"

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|description = These are enchanted to help guide your footsteps.
|description = These are enchanted to help guide your footsteps.
|droplocation =  
|droplocation =  
* {{DropLocation|Soul Survivor|End Chest||Legendary}}
* {{DropLocation|Finding Dorris|End Chest||Legendary}}
* {{DropLocation|Finding Dorris|End Chest||Legendary}}
|material = Cloth
|material = Cloth

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File:Legendary Spectre Boots Icon.png

Legendary Spectre Boots

Minimum Level: 29
Bound to Account on Acquire

  • Ghostly: Equipping this item causes you to become partially incorporeal. Your melee attacks do not roll a miss chance for Incorporeal targets. Enemy attacks have a 10% chance to miss you due to your incorporeality. You receive a +5 enhancement bonus to your Hide and Move Silently skills.
  • Doubleshot 13%: This item grants a 13% Enhancement bonus to activate a doubleshot on your ranged attacks..
  • Doublestrike 23%: This item grants a 23% Enhancement bonus to activate a doublestrike on your melee attacks.
  • Seeker +21: +21 Enhancement bonus to confirm critical hits, and damage (before multiplier) on critical hits.
  • Empty Blue Augment Slot: This item has a Blue Augment Slot. It can be combined with a Blue Augment. Augments can be found in treasure, acquired from Collector NPC's throughout the world, or be purchased on the DDO Store.
  • Legendary Profane Experiment: 
  • 3 Pieces Equipped:
    • +3 Sneak Attack Dice
    • +20% Artifact bonus to Doublestrike and Doubleshot
    • +4 Artifact bonus to Constitution and Intelligence
    • +50 Artifact bonus to Universal Spell Power

Material: This item is made out of: Cloth
Hardness: 49 Durability: 390

Description: These are enchanted to help guide your footsteps.

Base Value: 11,601 Platinum.png 0.10 lbs
Where To Find: