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Impetus, Driven Across Stars

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The page contains information retrieved from either lamannia or the forums that is scheduled for a future release and has not been updated with what is live.

This information is scheduled to be released when U42 goes live.

File:Impetus Icon.png

Repeating Heavy Crossbow

Accepts Sentience

Exotic Weapon Proficiency

Minimum Level: 29
Bound to Account on Acquire
Base Damage: 67.65
Damage: 5.5[1d10+3]+15
Damage Types: Pierce, Good, Evil, Magic
Critical Roll: 19 - 20 / x3
Attack Mod: DEX

  • Enhancement Bonus +15: This item has been magically enhanced. Armor with this quality gains a +15 enhancement bonus to AC. Weapons with this quality gain a +15 enhancement bonus to attack and damage.
  • Nearly Finished: This item isn't quite finished, but it's only a step away from completion. Bring it to a Cannith Reforging Station and combine it with melted materials to activate this item's set bonus trigger.
  • Sovereign Vorpal: Passive: +0.5[W] damage dice.
    On Vorpal Hit: If your target has fewer than 3000 Hit Points, they are Instantly Slain. If your target has above 3000 Hit Points, they take 300 damage.
  • Fetters of Unreality: This item is cruel and deadly, and leaves behind wounds that affect both the body and the soul. This weapon has a chance to inflict multiple stacks of Vulnerable.

    Vulnerable: You take 1% more damage for 3 seconds. This effect stacks up to 20 times, and loses one stack on expiration.
  • Holy 10: This weapon is wielded by the pure to smite the wicked, dealing an additional 10d6 good damage on each hit. This effect makes this weapon good aligned.
  • Empty Red Augment Slot: This item has a Red Augment Slot. It can be combined with a Red Augment. Augments can be found in treasure, acquired from Collector NPC's throughout the world, or be purchased on the DDO Store.

Material: This item is made out of: Steel
Hardness: 39 Durability: 380

Base Value: 11,640 Platinum 12 lbs