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=== Recent DDO Releases ===
=== Recent DDO Releases ===
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<table class="compendiumtable fullwidth">
<tr><td class="linkheader">[[Update 46 Patch 2]]</td></tr>
<tr><td>{{:Update 46 Patch 2}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="linkheader">[[Update 46]]</td></tr>
<tr><td class="linkheader">[[Update 46]]</td></tr>
<tr><td>{{:Update 46}}</td></tr>
<tr><td>{{:Update 46}}</td></tr>

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Free Questing Coupon and a VIP Update – Thank You From Standing Stone Games[edit]

We have seen our communities come together in recent months as we unlocked quest, raid, and adventure area content to all players, and we are excited to make an announcement today that you'll want to read.

We would like to thank you for supporting us! To start, players can continue to enjoy all of our quests, raids, and expansion content for free through August 31st, 2020. We would also like to provide a way for you to move forward with your gaming when our event eventually comes to an end, so in the coming days we will be providing a Coupon Code that will let you acquire all currently-available adventure packs permanently on your account(s)! However, you will need to act quickly, as this Coupon Code is available to redeem through August 31st, 2020.

The Coupon Code is: DDOfreequests (1/Account, available to redeem through August 31st, 2020)

Source and for a full list of quest packs: https://www.ddo.com/en/news/free-questing-coupon-and-vip-update-–-thank-you-standing-stone-games

Please visit us on our Discord Channel for more information about this project!

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Server Status[edit]


Recent DDO Releases[edit]

Update 46 Patch 2
Update 46 splash image.jpg
The Lost Gatekeepers
Release Information
Released on June 3, 2020
  • Three new Warlock Pacts are now available, in addition to the existing Pacts of Fiend, Great Old One, and Fey. The Pacts are as follows:
    • Carceri Storm
    • Celestial Pact
    • The Abyss
  • House Phiarlan Favor buff spells can now be taken in a single purchase. All the Resist Energy spells can also be purchased together.
  • The random loot system in the game has been improved. Included in this work is the following:
    • Common Enchantments:
      • Several new and returning single enchantments are now random loot options, and several less-usable or bugged options (such as Damaging Guards) have been removed from the drop tables.
    • Rare Special Prefixes:
      • Ninety new and returning special enchantments are now included in random loot from levels 5 and above. These special enchantments contain a third (or fourth, if the item is above level 10) enchantment, bringing the maximum number of enchantments of a random loot item to four.
      • These special prefixes will display a teal border on the item to help visually contrast them with other random loot. Teal borders are now reserved for items with a rare special Prefix enchantment, and, as a result, items that have rolled higher in item quality, such as Masterful Craftsmanship, no longer display a teal border.
    • Casting Quarterstaffs:
      • Caster Quarterstaves have their own set of random loot adjustments and special enchantments, aiming to make their use for spellcasters more attractive. The maximum number of enchantments on a caster quarterstaff is now six, up from three.
    • Minimum Level of Loot:
      • When chests are opened in content or completed quests, the level of random loot rolled will now much more closely match the instance level of the content completed. For example, if you are in a level 3 dungeon on Elite, you will get up to level 5 loot and no higher.
      • Items and effects that previously increased the minimum level of random loot, such as the Greater Dragonmark of Finding, now increase the quality of that random loot instead.
      • Jewels of Fortune are no longer available in-game and in the DDO Store, and in their place you will find Treasure Hunter's Elixirs of the same magnitude.
      • Currently-consumed Jewels of Fortune will provide the same effect as an equivalent rarity of Treasure Hunter's Elixir until they expire, and unused Jewels of Fortune no longer apply their buff.
      • Unused Jewels of Fortune can be traded in for two of the same magnitude Treasure Hunter's Elixirs in the House Cannith Crafting Hall, in the same place you can trade in spare Tomes for Dragonshard Fragments.
    • Augment Slots:
      • Items found in random loot now have a small chance to drop with a second Augment Slot.
    • Material Types:
      • Armor and shields can once again drop with alternate material types (Adamantine, Flametouched Iron, and Mithril) as well as a new Silver armor/shield material type, which grants a saving throw bonus against the Undead. Armors and shields with alternate material types will retain these types when keyed for Cannith Crafting, just as weapons do.
      • Normally-metal weapons can also drop with the material type Blueshine, which prevents durability damage. This material type will be retained when keyed for Cannith Crafting. As it now behaves like a normal material type, Everbright/Blueshine is no longer an option for Cannith Crafting.
      • Certain weapons in random loot, including quarterstaves, crossbows, clubs, and greatclubs, can now drop with nonstandard material types such as Adamantine or Silver.
  • UI skinning has returned, with an updated set of UI assets available.
  • Numerous bug fixes, typos and modifications for performance

Update Loot

Update 46
The Lost Gatekeepers
Release Information
Released on April 23, 2020

Update Loot

Update 45
Update 45 splash image.jpg
Age of the Alchemist
Release Information
Released on February 12, 2020
  • Two Adventure Packs have had an epic treatment:
  • New Class: The Alchemist
  • Anniversary event is back
    • Includes new items
  • New 64-bit Client (Beta)
  • Changes to Stealth Play
  • Melee changes
    • Better ways to quickly close the gap to an enemy
    • Strikethrough replaces glancing blows
      • Allows you to potentially hit more than one enemy with the full strength of the weapon
      • Changes throughout the game where glancing blows was updated, it is now Strikethrough
    • Non-Quarterstaff Two-Handed Animations have been update
    • Changes to the two-handed feat line
  • Feat Changes
    • New: Simple Thrown Weapon Expertise
    • New: Multitude of Missiles
    • New: Accelerate Spell Metamagic
    • Diety feat lines have been modified
  • Cargo hold stat buff and resistance amenities can no longer be bought
    • Existing ones you have still work
  • Many other changes and bug fixes

Update Loot

Update 44
Update 44 splash image.jpg
The Keep on the Borderlands
Release Information
Released on November 12, 2019
  • A new adventure pack Keep on the Borderlands
    • 8 New Quests
    • Level 1/2 on Heroic and 20/21 on Epic
  • UI Changes:
    • In the Looking For Group Menu: The Open Group listing for classes now properly includes Warlocks and will no longer include Epic levels as per its class designation.
    • There is a new "+" side-tab off of the "Stats" tab of the Character Sheet Menu, that contains many new statistics
    • The quest panel in the Adventure Compendium now displays Heroic quest level and Epic quest level in separate columns, and allows sorting by Epic quest level.
  • Mounts

Update Loot

Update 43
The Soul Splitter
Release Information
Released on September 10, 2019
  • A new adventure pack The Soul Splitter
    • 6 New Quests
    • Level 17 on Heroic and 32 on Legendary
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes

Update Loot

Update 42.5
Update 42 splash image.jpg
Epic Destiny and Pale Master Pass
Release Information
Released on August 21, 2019
  • Bug fixes to Hardcore Server
  • Bug fixes to Epic Destinies
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes

Update 42.4
Epic Destiny and Pale Master Pass
Release Information
Released on August 13, 2019
  • Reaper mode changes
    • Stats, spell pen, etc. changes for monsters
    • new reapers, some only appear in 6 skulls and above
    • Lost Souls now appear less for smaller parties and lower reaper
    • Fear reaper damage scaling
  • XP changes
    • Bravery streak has been converted to counts of hard/elite dungeons done
    • Bravery bonus still happens, but is built in and not based on streak
      • Playing on Elite gives 100% BB
      • Playing on Hard gives 50% BB, but if you then play on Elite, you can get the remainder
    • Daily bonuses increasing from 20% for all levels, to 25% for Heroic and 30% for Epic dungeons
      • Because of this, first time bonuses are decreasing, they are now
        • Normal: 20%
        • Hard: 20%
        • Elite: 45%
        • Reaper: 95%
    • Optional objectives in the quests now ransack, and it doesn't reset until an Epic, Racial, True or Iconic Reincarnation
    • Reaper experience now uses the same over/under level penalties as regular XP
      • Elite Streaking now works on Reaper
    • Some quests have had base XP changed
  • Large Overhaul of Epic Destinies
  • Character changes
  • Item changes
  • No longer prompted to enter airship from and airship tower
  • Many other miscellaneous changes

Update 42
The Masterminds of Sharn Expansion

Discover the mysteries of Sharn! Explore one of the most iconic locations in the Dungeons & Dragons Eberron campaign setting, navigate the power struggles between the rich and powerful as you hunt from the highest towers of the city to the deepest depths of the Cogs.

Players can begin their journey to Sharn through a transport NPC in The Harbor of Stormreach or by using the Boarding Pass available in the Ultimate Edition of the Masterminds of Sharn expansion. Includes nine Story Dungeons, eight Explorer Dungeons, one Explorer Area, and two raids (NOTE: Only one raid is releasing with Update 42. The second raid will be released later this year.)

Release Information
Released on May 14, 2019

Update Loot

Update 41 Patch 4
Update 41.4 splash image.jpg
The Masterminds of Sharn Pre-Release
Release Information
Released on March 28, 2019

Update 41
The Khorvaire Shipment
Release Information
Released on December 5, 2018
  • New Quest Lost at Sea
  • Improved Bard Songs
  • Eldritch Knight update
  • All level 28 and 29 raid loot stats have been increased in some places to match appropriate values, and some loot has had the minimum level decreased.
  • New spells for Sorcerer and Wizard, and changes to pre-existing ones.
  • Some bug fixes.

Update 40
Cloaked in Darkness
Release Information
Released on October 3, 2018
  • New raid that is part of Dragonblood Prophecy
  • New Wood Elf subrace
  • Updates to Night Revels
    • New private instances for Delera's Graveyard
    • Two new challenges
    • New cosmetic items
  • Visible cloaks
    • Including the ability to glamer cloaks
    • Only Named Cloaks, and randomly generated cloaks created after U40 will have visible versions
  • Heroic loot update to Sentinels of Stormreach
  • Bug Fixes

Update Loot

Update 39
White Plume Mountain and Other Tales
Release Information
Released on July 18, 2018

Update Loot

Update 38
Update 38 splash image.jpg
Disciples of Rage
Release Information
Released on April 11, 2018

Update Loot

Update 37
Mists of Ravenloft
Release Information
Released on Dec 6, 2017

Update Loot

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