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|droplocation =  
|droplocation =  
* {{DropLocation|Endgame: The Archbishop's Fate|End Chest||Heroic}}
* {{DropLocation|Endgame: The Archbishop's Fate|End Chest||Heroic}}
* {{DropLocation|The Catacombs (Arc)|Chain End Reward|The Catacombs|Heroic}}
|material = Gem
|material = Gem
|hardness = 13
|hardness = 13

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Candlelight Icon.png

Rune Arm

Feat Required: Artificer Rune Are Use!
Minimum Level: 3
Absolute Minimum Level: 1
Bound to Account on Acquire

Spell Nimbus of Light Icon.pngLight Spirals
Target: Foe, Directional, Breakable
School: Evocation
Spell Resistance: No
Fires chaotic bolts of light that damage your enemies. At higher charge levels multiple bolts are rapidly fired. Opponents struck by these bolts receive a Will save for half damage.

Charge Tier 1: 3 to 6 + 1 per Artificer Level

Charge Tier 2: 5 to 11 + 1 to 2 per Artificer Level
Charge Tier 3: 6 to 16 + 1 to 4 per Artificer Level
Charge Tier 4: 7 to 21 + 1 to 6 per Artificer Level
Charge Tier 5: 8 to 26 + 1 to 8 per Artificer Level

  • Maximum Charge Tier: II: The maximum charge tier of this Rune Arm is Tier II.
  • Lesser Undead Guard: This item burns those Undead that attack the wearer, causing 1d8 Good damage on a successful melee attack.
  • False Life +8: This item grants the wearer +8 Enhancement bonus to maximum hit points.
  • Rune Arm Imbue: Light I: Wearing this Rune Arm will imbue any weapon you wield, dealing 1d2 light damage per hit. This damage scales with 200% Melee or Ranged Power (whichever is higher).
  • Craftable Rune Arm: This Rune Arm is craftable and can be customized using recipes at standard crafting devices after disjuncting.

Material: This item is made out of: Gem
Hardness: 13 Durability: 75

Description: Valisk of Thrane hated tombs, but his adventuring companions enthusiastically hunted the undead. He crafted this rune arm from various items he found to protect himself from the abominations.

Base Value: 1,350 Platinum0.25 lbs
Where To Find:   

Upgradeable: Cannith Crafting
This item replaced a different version by SSG in U45. Candlelight (Pre U45) is the older version.